I am confident that if you asked any woman in the fitness industry what their dream would be, as far as modeling accomplishments go, it would be…to land a Cover of Oxygen Magazine!

Oxygen Magazine is one of the most widely circulated womens fitness magazine around the world.  With every page turn of Oxygen Magazine women are inspired to live a healthier, happier life through better eating and different workouts.

The first magazine I had the privilege of working for as a fitness model five years ago was Oxygen Magazine in Toronto, Canada.  To say that I am honored and excited to land the Cover of Oxygen Magazine Australias May/June 2015 Fat Loss Issue is an understatement!  It is also a huge privilege for me to show my before/after pictures from when I first started my fitness journey five years ago.  My greatest hope is that I am able to inspire as many people as possible to live happier, healthier lives and to realize their individual full potential.  Having a healthy, able body will not only make you feel better but it will positively impact all areas of your life…I PROMISE!

Please grab a copy of Oxygen Magazine and check out my Cover Model Story on my personal journey to a healthier life.  I also will take you through some of my favorite power yoga poses that will compliment your lifting workouts.  Order your Oxygen Magazine Australia Subscription!  You can also get a digital subscription on Zinio.com or on your iPhone under Newstand.

I want to thank the entire Oxygen Magazine team for allowing me this privilege as well as my AMAZING team that helped create my beautiful Cover image.  Photographer James Patrick always delivers incredible work when work together as well as my Make up and Hair Artist Amanda Nicole Bland.  Thank you both for helping me look and feel my best!  My great cover girl outfit is by Rogiani!  I love her stuff for shoots and workouts.

Please enjoy the magazine!  Thank you for your support!  I appreciate it.


Brooke Stacey