Brooke Stacey is a Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Model currently living in Austin, Texas.  Growing up in and around Austin, Texas, her entire life, Brooke has always had a passion for sports and the outdoors starting at a young age.  It wasnt until seven years ago, with a commitment to change, that she was able to re-prioritize and redefine what health and fitness meant in her life.

Through consistent weight training, clean eating and a variety of cardio she was able to transform her physique and life.

These physical, mental and emotional changes were amazing and helped her transform her life in many ways…most profoundly in her ability to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

 Brooke is encouraged, motivated and honored to have the ability to inspire others in any way possible and is enjoying doing so through fitness modeling.

Having a healthy body has transcended EVERY area of my life in a positive way!  I have never felt anything so rewarding as to be able to share this great joy of health with others.  ~ Brooke Stacey

Brooke has had the great honor of gracing the Cover of top international fitness magazines such as Robert Kennedys Oxygen Magazine, Ultra-FIT Magazine UK, Womens Health & Fitness Australia & Dubai, Max Sports & Fitness Magazine as well as locally with Austin Fit Magazine for the past seven years.

Brooke hopes to continue to reach broader audiences in order to inspire others to live the healthiest, happiest life possible and achieve their full personal potential.