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Fitness Magazine South Africa January 2015


I am thrilled and honored (so are my nieces pictured left) to be in the January 2015 Fat Loss Issue of Fitness Magazine South Africa!  This is my first time working with Fitness Magazine and I am so excited!  I have the great honor to inspire others around the world to live happier, healthier lives and I couldnt be more proud.  I hope that readers get an awesome workout in from my six page Full Body Functional Training Routine.  Huge thank you to the magazine for allowing me to contribute.

It incorporates more unconventional moves that immolate everyday movements such as stepping out of your car or holding a child and squatting down to pick something up.  Training your body to be able to function at full capability in every day life is always a top priority!

Huge thanks to my phenomenal photographer James Patrick for shooting this workout routine.  As well as my make up, hair artist Amanda Bland for helping me look my best.  I love working with you all!

Sports bra and pants by Elisabetta Rogiani.


About the Author:

Brooke Stacey
Brooke Stacey is a Fitness Model currently living in Austin, Texas. Growing up in and around Austin, Texas, her entire life, Brooke has always had a passion for sports and the outdoors starting at a young age. It wasnt until the last five years that, with a commitment to change and with a personal trainers help, she was able to re-prioritize and redefine what health and fitness meant in her life.